Five Qualities Entrepreneurs Should Look for in a Mate

It can be hard enough in this world to find “the one” – but if you’re an entrepreneur, you may feel this task is an especially onerous one. After all, you’re currently married to your business and who wants to be the “other wo/man”? The truth is, according to research through The Harp Family Institute most spouses are genuinely happy being married to their entrepreneurial counterpart and would marry them again and again. Ever wondered what personality characteristics to look for in a partner? Below are five personality characteristics that help make for a successful marriage to an entrepreneur.

  1. Intelligence: According to both entrepreneurs and their significant others, intelligence was the #1 personality characteristic to look for. Arm candy can come in a variety of shapes and sizes . . . especially when that comes in the form of a brain that can match and challenge you!
  2. Confidence: Entrepreneurs exude confidence, so it’s equally as important for your partner to feel secure as well. When choosing a partner, you will want to look for someone who is confident enough to stand up to you when necessary. You will also want to find someone whose confidence enables them to pursue their own independent activities, without resentment, while you are busy working on the company.
  3. Fun: Believe it or not, entrepreneurs identified ‘fun’ as one of the top characteristics of their partners. Why? Business ownership comes with an enormous amount of stress and tension. When you come home at the end of the day, it’s rejuvenating to be around someone you think is fun to be with. It helps make tomorrow a little easier!
  4. Dedicated: It is important for your spouse to be just as dedicated to you and your life mission as you are to the two loves of your life (your business and your family). That high level of dedication will help ease you through both the ups and downs life will inevitably throw your way.
  5. Loving: This seems obvious, but in reality, it’s not. It’s easy to mistake a physical connection with a genuine emotionally charged love that’s based on real friendship and caring. Look for someone who picks you up when you are down and who is a true friend.