Entrepreneurship and Marriage

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People often say, "We don't need therapy." Our response is, "That's great, because we aren't therapists! We are coaches who take a good relationship and make it great!" Who doesn't have room for improvement?

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We love Trisha! After she worked with my husband's forum, we brought her to Reno for a Chapter event and workshop. My husband has been apprehensive to talk with anyone, but Trisha's open and real personality drew us both to her. When addressing analytical entrepreneurs, her research gives her presentation a backbone that can't be denied!

Carolyn S. • Reno, NV

The questions below just scratch the surface to what our research revealed.

  • How much should an entrepreneur share about the business with a spouse?
  • How do other couples handle stressful times when cash flow is limited?
  • Does my spouse know how much I appreciate his/her support?
  • Is business success related to a happy marriage?
  • What % of entrepreneurs have had a relationship fail due to being an entrepreneur?

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